Missions at Flint Groves


Going Global 20.20.20: Going Global is an opportunity for every member of Flint-Groves to be an active part in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. There are three powerful elements to this initiative; Prayer, Fasting, and Giving.

The idea is simple, combining these three spiritual disciplines to produce maximum results.

Here’s how it works:

20 – On the 20th day of each month, we agree to skip lunch or another meal so that we can pray and fast for our Missions. The week prior to the 20th those participating will be given a specific mission opportunity to pray for.

20 – We agree to pray for at least 20 minutes for our Missions and the highlighted mission opportunity.

20 – We agree to make a sacrifice and give at least $20 that we would have spent on lunch that day to Missions.

IMAGINE – If we had 200 people giving $20 a month this would be $48,000 a year to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why fasting?

We realize this is something we don’t practice much these days, but it is based on the story in the New Testament where the disciples were trying to cast an evil spirit out of a young boy, without success. When Jesus was able to do what they couldn’t, even with their best efforts, the disciples wanted to know why. His response was “This kind of power comes only from prayer and fasting”. (Mark 9:29)

Vision 20.20.20 doesn’t and shouldn’t take the place of regular tithing: But, imagine if only 200 people committed to this plan, that would be $4,800 a month – $48,000 a year. Now, imagine the power of your commitments to focus your prayers on Missions.

We encourage you to make this a monthly ritual instead of writing a check for the whole year so that you will be reminded to pray for Missions. And if $20 is stretching your budget, give what you can. Your money is needed – but your Prayers are just as important!

Come join us on mission to spread the good of Jesus Christ! Scroll below to find a place to Change the World.